Tree Health and Maintenance

We take pride in managing trees for both commercial and residential customers. We have the skills, experience and equipment to handle the most technical jobs safely and precisely.

Tree Maintenance

We love everything about trees. We work hard to make sure you are completely satisfied!

Maintenance Services Available and More

Thinning and Branch Removal

Thinning branches is important so the tree can optimize photosynthesis from the sun.

We follow CalFire’s recommendation to limb up branches to 8’ height in case there is a fire. This will help keep the fire on the ground.

Removing branches that may fall onto a structure, or person, will reduce liability.

Trimming and Pruning

Trim branches away from electrical or communication lines. Windy days can create a disaster.

Pruning improves longevity and allows the tree to grow to optimize health.

Commercial Cleanup in a Flash

Building or deconstruction site wood cleanup.

Split, Chip and Haul

If a trunk is too large for the chipper, we will split it into a manageable size so we can chip and haul away for you.

Free Wood Chip Delivery

Please contact us if you need some mulch.

Tree Health

All Done

Thinning optimizes growth and health of forested areas. For fire safety, it is recommended that the trees don’t touch one another to keep the fire from entering the canopy and accelerating rapid spread.

Here’s a happy homeowner’s before and after thinning the forest.


This homeowner had a tree leaning right over the house. Dangerous leaning trees can fall in cold or windy weather. In addition, large limbs can fall at any time. This homeowner reduced her liability and increased safety by opting to remove the tree.

Here’s what you can expect when you remove a large mature tree…

Step 1
Setup roping
Step 2
Safety setup
Step 3
Climb and remove
Step 4
Remove branches and rope down
Step 5
Crown removal and rope down
Step 6
Celebrate a safe removal
Step 7
Chip and haul


Removal of brush, or weed abatement, is important not only for aesthetics, but for safety during wildfire season.

Mow, Scrape, and Chip are available. It’s really fun to see the results!


Always prepared for an emergency.
100-foot clearance around all structures is always a good idea for any natural or manmade disaster. It is best to plan clearance footage based on the height of the trees, so it could be greater than 100 feet for the best plan. We will also assess any trees that might fall and obstruct exiting the property. Your peace of mind is our business
Tree Removal
Lot Clearing
Burn Piles & Stump Grinding
Mow and Scrape

Living near a major roadway can cause more risks, such as motorists with auto trouble or a lit cigarette thrown out the window. We will clear the entire area around your neighborhood.


Restoration and Emergency Response

As we all know, there are no shortages of natural and man-made disasters in our region. Wind, snow, rain, floods, fire, and drought can create an emergency. We will recommend the best safety and security plans for you and the entire neighborhood if you wish.

We commit 100% to help our neighbors with the highest quality, integrity, and dependability. We will always provide you with a reasonable price. From our family to yours, let us help you restore and thrive.

What To Expect from Restoration or Emergency Preparedness

Step 1

Assess Damaged Trees with a Certified Arborist and Licensed Contractor

This tree was damaged by a wildfire. The roots and base are traumatized, but the tree may live for a few years.

Afterwards, it is wise to worry that a strong windstorm, or insect can invade a struggling tree, and it may have to be removed.

Step 2

Erosion Control

Erosion Control is essential after a disaster to avoid further damage, assist rainfall flow direction, and to protect the bare soil.

Step 3

Clearing with Utmost Safety

Sometimes we have to remove a tree. First, you can expect a climber to remove the branches. Second, we’ll safely remove the tree’s crown, and then safely fell the tree.

Step 4

Chip and Haul

Branches and trunks are chipped if customers prefer. We will blow the chips to protect the soil, or we will haul them away. It is your choice.

Step 5

Stump Grinding

After the tree is removed, and the stump and roots die, it will begin to decay naturally. It is your choice to have the stump ground at or below grade for safety or aesthetics.

Step 6

Planting for Recovery

An important step in restoration is choosing to plant new trees to restore the land for so many reasons, such as water retention, shade trees, beautification, and just enjoying yourself. Certified arborists will discuss options that suit your needs.


Grow with a pro.

We’ll assist with a long term maintenance plan that includes bracing and structual pruning of the tree. We hope you will try fruit trees and edible landscapes. This way you can enjoy the fruits of you labor.