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All things Trees

At All Things Trees, we are passionate about trees and the people who live among them. We are a family-owned business that has been serving Paradise, CA and the surrounding areas since 2016. Our team of certified arborists, skilled tree workers, and courteous customer service representatives can handle any tree-related project with quality, integrity, and dependability. Whether you need arborist consultation, tree trimming or removal, land clearing, fire readiness, or tree planting, we have the expertise and equipment to get the job done right. Contact us today and let us take care of all your tree care needs.

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Our Mission


We listen to your needs and preferences and provide you with customized solutions. We offer a variety of services to suit your budget and schedule. We guarantee your satisfaction with our work.


We understand the risks and challenges that trees can pose to your home or business. We are fully licensed, insured, and bonded to protect you from any liability. We also follow the highest standards of safety and quality in our work.

Quality & Design

We know how important trees are for the aesthetic appeal and functionality of your property. We use our expertise and equipment to trim, prune, shape, or remove your trees as needed.

Local Community

We are proud to be a locally owned and operated business that contributes to the economic and social well-being of our area. We source our materials and supplies from local vendors and support local causes and events.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We have been asked questions about our work. Our goal is to make our customers know all about us and what we do. We have picked our top five frequently asked questions from our customers.

Benefits of hiring a certified arborist?

A certified arborist is a professional who has passed a comprehensive examination and has met the standards of the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA). A certified arborist has the knowledge and skills to provide proper tree care, diagnosis, and treatment. Hiring a certified arborist can ensure the health, safety, and beauty of your trees and your property.

What services do you offer?

We offer a wide range of services for all your tree care needs, including:

  • Arborist consultation: We can assess the condition and needs of your trees and provide you with expert advice and recommendations.
  • Tree trimming or removal: We can prune, shape, or remove your trees as needed to improve their health, appearance, or safety.
  • Land clearing: We can clear your land of unwanted trees, brush, or debris to prepare it for construction, landscaping, or fire prevention.
  • Tree planting: We can plant new trees on your property to enhance its value and environmental benefits.
  • View all the services in our services page.
How much do you charge for your services?

Our prices vary depending on the type, size, and location of the project. We offer free consultations and estimates for all our services. We also offer discounts and special offers to our loyal customers and referrals. Contact us today to get a quote for your project.

Are you licensed, insured, and bonded?

Yes, we are fully licensed, insured, and bonded to protect you from any liability. We have a valid contractor’s license from the State of California (License #1073469). We also have general liability insurance and workers’ compensation insurance to cover any damages or injuries that may occur during our work. We also have a bond that guarantees our performance and completion of the contract.

Why should I choose All Things Trees?

You should choose All Things Trees because we are:

  • Passionate: We love trees and we know how to take care of them. We are committed to providing excellent tree care services to our customers.
  • Professional: We have a team of certified arborists, skilled tree workers, and courteous customer service representatives. We follow the best practices of arboriculture and environmental stewardship. We use the latest equipment and technology to ensure quality and efficiency.
  • Dependable: We are reliable, honest, and trustworthy. We show up on time, do the job right, and clean up after ourselves. We guarantee your satisfaction with our work.