About Us

Quality, Integrity, Dependability​

We believe that healthy and gorgeous trees improve our quality of life in so many ways. All Things Trees will create a long term plan so you can enjoy healthy trees while feeling safe and secure.

We moved to the Ridge in 2009, so Amanda could finish her Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration at Chico State while I started learning all I could about tree care. We felt right at home and decided to start our family here – our kids were born at Feather River Hospital’s “The Birth Day Place”

I was fortunate to find my calling and mentor early on. I had the opportunity to train with Greg Liu, “The Tree Guy”, a renowned North State tree climber. I gained so much knowledge as a climber and followed in his footsteps to become an ISA CertifiedAarborist.

Amanda and I started All Things Trees in 2016, and we steadily built a client base on the side while both working full time for other companies.

The Campfire of 11-08-2018

My family safely evacuated, but we lost our home, tools, equipment, and just about everything. We spent months repairing our land and clearing the debris of our home to prepare to return to Paradise one day. We were lucky to find a surviving home for sale in Paradise, moved to a new neighborhood, and tried to recover by having a sense of safety and security.

Once we had our feet on the ground, we thought we could do the most good by growing the business and focusing all of our efforts on helping the community recover. We found many friends that needed help with their burned trees too.

The first few years were only about removing dead and dying trees. It was years before I even climbed a live tree on The Ridge. While there are still many hazard trees to remove, we are seeing more and more attention turned to correcting and maintaining the trees that survived, which is such a welcome change.

Our community has been through some tough years, and together we will continue to recover. Together we will create a beautiful Paradise where we can all just breathe.

What You Can Expect

You can always expect quality, integrity, and dependability.

Our dream is to create and maintain a beautiful and fire safe community. As an arborist, I will always provide an honest assessment of your tree’s needs, because with proper maintenance, your trees can thrive. Sometimes, though, it is necessary to remove trees for various reasons, and I will find the safest, most efficient method to remove any problem tree you have.

Thank you for trusting us,

James and Amanda Clark